Transport Ministers’ Conference supports Hamburg’s bid to host the ITS World Congress 2021

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During the spring conference on 27 and 28 April in Hamburg, all transport ministers of the 16 states in Germany as well as the German Federal Minister have expressed their support for the cities’ application to host the ITS World Congress in the year 2021. The unanimous resolution states: “The Transport Ministers’ Conference is convinced that organising the congress in Hamburg will provide a great opportunity for further developing digitalisation within the transport sector in the next four years. It will strengthen Germany’s role as an industry and transport nation in Europe and worldwide.” Hamburg submitted its application to the European ITS-organisation ERTICO in Brussels on 10 March. The city will be present during the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg (19 to 22 June) with a booth and will organise a stand reception on 21 June, the so-called “Hamburg-Evening”.