Hypermotion 2017

20 to 22 november

The boundaries between logistics, mobility, infrastructure and transport are falling. New, networked, integrated and inter-modal systems are being created. To reflect these changes and to discuss their impact on the economy and society, Messe Frankfurt launches the new trade fair Hypermotion.


The 1st ITS Deutschland Congress will focus on four themes from the field of intelligent transport and mobility systems, especially the digitalisation of mobility in Germany.

Hypermotion_Move into the future
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Today, we are facing the biggest mobility revolution since the invention of the automobile – with new power trains, autonomous cars, connectivity and new offers such as shared mobility. As a result, mobility will change more in the coming five to ten years than in all the preceding decades. Associated with these developments are enormous opportunities for greater road-traffic efficiency, increased road safety, reduced emissions and new value added. Nobody wants to miss this revolution. And this calls for a new international mobility competition. As the leading mobility nation, our aim must be to win this competition. To this end, the 1st ITS Deutschland Congress is an important milestone and will help to bring about the full-scale use of intelligent road-traffic systems and the digitalisation of mobility in Germany.

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